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Preventive Cardiologist Dr. James O'Keefe Announces New Omega 3

Preventive Cardiologist Dr. James O’Keefe recently announced a new, environmentally-friendly Omega 3 product called CardioTabs Ocean Safe Omega 3 made from sustainable marine oil (www.oceansafeomega3.com ).

“We’re really excited about this new product called Cardio Tabs Ocean Safe Omega 3 and maybe kind of tell you the story of how we got involved with this company. There is a fella who is a completely bright person in the field of marine nutraceuticals and he came to visit to discuss his manufacturing techniques and purifying techniques with me and some of my colleagues about five months ago and brought me information about this plant he had just finished building. Its the most state of the art, high tech fish oil processing plant in the world and he brought me a sample of this fish oil and showed me the specs on it. I tasted it and incredibly clean tasting, highly purified, very high in DHA product. I was just absolutely impressed with unlike anything I had ever tasted or looked at before for for an Omega 3 over the counter fish oil supplement. This person has been intimately involved in fish oil for about two or three decades and he in fact has come up with several of the technological break-throughs that have allowed us to purify fish oils, to concentrate it from the standard 25 or 30 percent omega 3 concentration you find in most fish oil up to more like 60 percent. Even more importantly you get to strip all the impurities, so what we want is a highly purified fish oil with no contaminants, that is mostly omega 3 because that is where we get the benefit in the EPA and the DHA.”

James H. O’Keefe, MD, FACC, is Director of Preventive Cardiology at the Mid America Heart Institute, and Professor of Medicine at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. His postgraduate training included a cardiology fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. O’Keefe has contributed more than 200 articles to the medical literature and has authored numerous books on cardiovascular medicine, including Dyslipidemia Essentials, Diabetes Essentials, and The Complete Guide to ECGs. He lectures extensively on the role of therapeutic lifestyle changes and drug therapy in cardiovascular risk reduction and has authored the best-selling consumer health book, The Forever Young Diet & Lifestyle. He is actively involved in patient care.

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