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Q16: Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversed?

Dr. Bernstein discusses his experience with type 2 patients. Dr. Bernstein’s book is available at www.amazon.com/Dr-Bernsteins-Diabetes-Solution-Achieving/dp/0316182699/ This video was produced and edited by Dr. RD Dikeman and David Dikeman of TYPEONEGRIT.

For more on Dr. Bernstein’s book, Diabetes Solution, go to http://www.diabetes-book.com/
Every month Dr. Bernstein hosts a free teleseminar via http://www.askdrbernstein.net/ where you can ask questions and he will answer them.
Also check out http://www.thebernsteinconnection.com/ for the The Bernstein Connection, which is the one and only current and archive website of every Audio Recording, Video, DVD, Transcript, Teleseminar, and more, that Dr. Bernstein has done plus so much more…


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