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**Quick Diabetes Relief** | Natural Cure for Diabetes

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**Quick Diabetes Relief** | Natural Cure for Diabetes

Every week there is a new “breakthrough” or some new diet to cure diabetes but I still have to prick my finger every day and take my shot. There has to be a better way. The drugs are designed to simply keep those blood sugar levels in check but not to resolve diabetes. Diet has always been an issue with diabetics and the past couple of years it has been proposed that diet can actually cure diabetes with limited success.

Maybe there is a different way of looking at this. What if you could go to a much deeper and more basic physical level to address the issue? And what if it is tailored to each unique body so that it is effective for everyone? And what if I told you that it didn’t involve any drugs or special diets but rather water? Drinking water to be specific.

In 2005, Peter Schenk, a research engineer and software designer, known as the modern day mystic, knew there had to be a way to affect your physical reality using electronic technology. After studying Dr. Emoto’s work he realized that water was the perfect medium and developed a software program that infuses intentions into water. When the water is either drunk or applied topically it will reprogram the water inside your body so that the body then repairs itself. Aquaware was born and released in 2007.

Today Aquaware, which is on version 3.1, has a 99% effectiveness rate because of a couple of additional steps Peter created. Remember when I said water retains memories of everything it has been exposed to? Well, he added the step of deprogramming the water before infusing it with the new intention and then a second step of preparing the body of the user to be able to fully integrate the intentions.

This whole process takes all of about 2 minutes! First you select the intention, deprogram the water, infuse it with the new intention, prepare the user and then DRINK. It really is as easy as that to effect major change in your life.

So just how does this help with diabetes? When your body takes on diabetes that memory is what is running the show and this is what the diabetes drugs address every day. The diabetes intention in Aquaware addresses both blood sugar regulation and pancreatic function. The pancreas produces the insulin used in your body. When drinking water infused with this intention, not only will you clear out the memory of diabetes in your body but you also instruct your blood as to the proper glucose levels for your system. It does this by reprogramming the water inside your body so that your body – which is the greatest healing machine – will heal itself.

It’s important for you to understand that the product to be used here is water – it is not a drug or any other substance. Peter also doesn’t claim to ‘cure’ anything. What you will be doing is changing the frequency or energy of the issues you are addressing. Once the energy is shifted it will clear on its own without all of the drugs you are currently using.

IMPORTANT: We are not saying to stop taking any medications you are currently using. Once you start using the programmed waters, and when the energy starts shifting, please work with your medical professionals to determine your course of action. Will it work overnight? That will depend upon each individual, how severe the diabetes and many other factors. Will it assist in resolving your issues – yes.

That’s not all – Aquaware 3.1 has over 500 intentions for your use. Imagine being able to just drink water and shift the energy inside your body to allow your body to repair itself. It’s amazing and truly the leading edge of current technology now available to you. There are intentions programmed into it to literally affect every aspect of your life. Your animals will also love it and respond very favorably and so will your plants. You can find a complete list of the intentions that are included in the program on the website.

Source: http://youtu.be/y7-oRhFXv6U

Reprogram your body to diabetes
Clear diabetes now from your body
Have your body heal itself of diabetes
One of over 500 intentions
No drugs involved


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