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R4H Pre-Diabetes for Healthcare Professionals

THE PROBLEM: 58 million adult pre-diabetics need help if they are to avoid or slow diabetes. Pamphlets don’t work well. Discussion groups do some good.

But people keep doing the harmful things, especially, the ones who most need to change.

PREVENTING DIABETES: For patient education, what are you spending? And what are you getting?

A NEW WAY FOR YOUR PATIENTS TO LEARN about health and wellbeing.

REHEARSALS4HEALTH puts your patients in a world just like their own. It shows them problems and as they make choices… shows them consequences.

We put The 5 – I’s to work for you.

(1) INDIVIDUALIZED: Instead of one size fits all, users see individualized paths customized by the choices they make.

(2) IMMERSIVE: R4H puts your patients in a pre-diabetic world of problems and choices.

(3) INTERACTIVE: That participation maximizes their learning about the building blocks of avoiding diabetes.

(4) INFORMATIVE: Each user gets a profile of their strengths and needs. And you’ll know if someone has completed this experience, what they have learned and what their prospects are.

(5) IMMEDIATE: This tool accelerates the time between user choices and health consequences. Users get a vivid picture of how choices determine their futures.

REHEARSALS4HEALTH gets your patients actively involved in their own health and wellbeing!

REHEARSALS4HEALTH makes your help to pre-diabetics more effective and saves you money.

Evidence-based learning for health and wellbeing from Interactive, Inc.

www.InteractiveInc.org 804-798-8700


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