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Raging on the machine: Making music during dialysis

Michael Goldberg, a film and history professor at the University of Washington, is battling kidney failure. With the help of his son, Asher, he recorded this song while hooked up to a dialysis machine in his bedroom. Read the article here: bit.ly/kidneysong

“High” Lyrics

There I go thinking it’s OK
I’m a high-steppin’ daddy, hey get out of my way
And I can’t find a negative word to say
I just keep thinking this dog’s having his day

[Chorus] You know I’m high, please let me down
I’m high, please get me down
I’m just trying to put my two feet of the ground
I’m high, please let me down

Sun is out and the sky is blue
Can’t help thinking everything is cool
Yeah it’s the perfect day for the perfect fool
Who thinks he’s perfectly invincible


Na na na x10


At the first sign of some good news
I’m dancing on air and I’m clicking my shoes
So I make myself an offer that I should refuse:
I won’t come down when if I lose

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