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Re-Instating the "E": A Classical Approach to Physical Education [Excerpt]

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Why You Should Care About the “E” In PE (Physical Education)
Our physical bodies are important to God, so shouldn’t they be important to us? Over the past two centuries there has been a shift in work culture and the amount of physical activity seen by our population. At one time we worked side-by-side with our parents and they taught us how to function in an agrarian society; but, with the industrial revolution there has been a decrease in parent to child teaching, and more learning is now achieved at schools. But, in recent years, there has been an emphasis on test scores and the preparation to achieve material success within the contemporary American society that has abridged the education of physical health. In public schools, Physical Education has been robbed of the “Education” and is now just “Physical” time – usually punctuated by running laps. How can we expect our children to have good physical health that aligns with their mental and spiritual health if nobody teaches them the right way? There is an epidemic of obesity, diabetes and heart disease that could be curtailed by early education to the youngest of our society. This presentation, entitled “Reinstating the E” will look at why the “Education” is important in PE class and why you should even care.

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