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Reasons For Over Masturbation

Masturbation is the fondling of one’s own genitals in order to achieve sexual pleasure. Simply touching, stroking, squeezing, rubbing or brushing the genitals – the penis and testicles in males and the vulva, labia and vagina in females – gives a person pleasure and is termed under masturbation. Masturbation usually ends with a similar climax as is observed in a real sexual encounter. Males ejaculate at the end of the masturbation session, while females receive similar orgasmic pleasures.

In this article, we shall discuss masturbation issues in men. The penis is a highly sensitive organ, which can be aroused by a mere thought. But while masturbating, the man fondles the penis with various kinds of movements. The penis achieves an erection, and there is an ejaculation of the semen at the end of the session.

People all over the world are in a sort of debate as to what is the right frequency for a person to masturbate, i.e. what qualifies as over masturbation in men. Some men masturbate once a week, while some may go up to several times a week. There are also some men who claim they do not masturbate at all. Though there are vastly different trends in the frequency of masturbation, nothing can be said about the advantage or disadvantage of over masturbation.

Some experts maintain that over masturbation can lead to a person’s obsession about his own penis, which may interfere in the day-to-day life of the person. The person may become so much maniacal about masturbating that even in the midst of some work, the man may take a quick ‘toilet break’. This is a psychological behavior and therapy might be needed to cure it. Men obsessed with over masturbation could reject their social life just in order to be able to enjoy the pleasures of masturbating in private. In extreme cases, this could occur in marriages, leading to divorces.

Some men who are unhappy with their sexual life also resort to over masturbation as a way of relieving their sexual tensions. Over masturbation is also prevalent in boys who are just beginning to learn about their sexuality. Boys who grow up in a sheltered and introverted kind of family atmosphere might become more obsessed with their own genitals. Hence over masturbation could indicate a deep-rooted trauma in the past of the man, or some fault in the upbringing like overtly strict parents.

One must know what masturbation achieves for the male body before trying to understand the benefits of over masturbation, if there are any. Masturbation is quite a normal male activity, and it is even healthy in some respects. Men produce sperms in their testicles, which are stored in the coiled tube known as epididymis. At the same time the Cowper’s gland produces the pre-ejaculate fluid. When a man reaches his climax, the sperm from the epididymis mixes with the pre-ejaculate fluid and is ejected out of the penis in the form of seminal discharge or semen. The normal human male body continuously produces both sperm and pre-ejaculates. If there is no sexual activity, then the semen has to be eliminated from the body to make place for newly formed one.

The elimination can be done when the man urinates, or sometimes as nocturnal emissions or ‘wet dreams’. The point of telling all this is that the semen anyhow leaves the body and does not remain in it even if it is not voided naturally. Hence, masturbation does not lead to wastage of the bodily fluid as most people think. The same can be said about over masturbation. To an extent, over masturbation is a way to help the reproductive system to replenish its ejaculates.

If done correctly, over masturbation can in fact be beneficial to the male. In the controversial process of jelquing, the base of the penis is held between the thumb and the forefinger. These fingers are then pushed forwards, continuously applying pressure on the penis. This method is employed for people who are looking to enlarge their penises. Thus if the person uses this sort of technique while masturbating, it could help in penis enlargement.

Over masturbation is actually beneficial when you consider the rate at which STDs are affecting the youth of the world today. Most STDs are transmitted due to unsafe sex with multiple partners. If, instead, a man relieves his sexual desires through masturbation, then at least the chances of infection are zero.

Over masturbation usually corrects itself when the circumstances of the man change. Especially when the man gets married, there is a huge decline in the rate of masturbation. Also when the man involves himself in some activity like sports or working out then the rate of masturbation becomes less.

At the same time, there are conditions when the masturbation rates are known to go higher. If a man is in his first infatuated love, then chances are that he would masturbate thinking of the object of his desire. Similarly, things that create mental tensions like exams, new jobs, living alone, etc. could induce a man to indulge in over masturbation. This could be a way of diverting the mind.

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