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Recently Been Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes: Which Kind Of Diet Is Best For Me

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Recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which kind of diet is best for me?

There are also tons of diabetes friendly recipes for everyone!
When it comes to this question, I find it very difficult to answer because the same diet might be great for me and not so great for you. So what I am going to give you today is a basic diet for someone with Type 2 Diabetes and you may need to modify it for your particular situation.

There are many diets out there. There are carb counting diet, plate diets, low carb/high fat diets, I mean I could spend the rest of our time just listing diet suggestions from all over the spectrum. But I will instead give you a diet that has worked for me and thousands of others and it really is not that difficult to follow.

A very good rule for a Type 2 Diabetes diet is to increase your intake of fruit, veggies and grains and decrease your intake in “bad” fats and sugar.

Does this mean you can’t have meats and potatoes and a cookie? No it doesn’t, it just means moderation is the key.

Another key is to eat. Really! Eat. Rather than have 3 full meals per day, I suggest 5 or 6 small ones per day to keep your blood sugar on an even keel. I don’t mean you have to prepare 6 meals, some of those meals may well be “snacks” but healthy snacks with a purpose.

You can count calories if you like, but honestly I have never counted a calorie in my life. I have counted carbs, and that might also be something you would want to do, but I suggest you look at low Glycemic Load Foods and eat them as much as possible.

A Glycemic Load is a great way to see how a food will interact with your blood sugar. Glycemic Index just gives you a number when a certain amount of a food is eaten compared to a control food and they really aren’t all alike.

But the GL does use the GI system but takes it further and uses an actual portion size.

I suggest you get a good reliable GL index (there are several online) you can email me and I will be happy to help. Eat foods that are LOW GL which is 10 or below in the proportions given.

Again, your main diet will consist of grains, veggies and fruits, as well as fish but you can eat a hamburger every now and then, have a piece of cake on occasion.

Here is what your daily food intake might include:

-healthy carbs (fruit, legumes, vegetables, whole-wheat flour and wheat bran); fiber-rich foods such as nuts and beans; heart-healthy fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna; and “good” fats, which include avocados, almonds, olives and walnuts. Foods to avoid include saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol and sodium. Avoid on a daily basis, but not banned forever.

It is of utmost importance to eat a nice hearty and healthy breakfast! You can check out a couple of videos I have produced on breakfast. It is vital to start the day right. You basically start there and eat about every 2-3 hours. You can eat breakfast at 8am. By 10 or so, have a small meal, fruits, nuts, small sandwich. Have lunch at 1 and maybe it is a bit more substantial. Continue this process throughout the day trying to not eat anything or very little after 8 or 9pm.

Also, be sure to exercise as much as you can. And don’t feel bad to have that ice cream cone every now and then. Grill up a big steak once a month. It is OK.

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