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Removing Plantar Warts Fast - A Secret Wart Remedy Your Doctor Hopes You Won't Find Out

What does the green blister beetle have to do with removing plantar warts? Surprisingly, a chemical from this insect is removing plantar warts in a way that is safe, effective and fast. Plus, it’s completely natural. Unfortunately, most medical professionals are not forth coming about this treatment. Before you make a treatment decision, make sure know all the best ways to remove plantar warts.

Cantharidin is a substance derived from the green blister beetle that is new approach to removing plantar warts. Although, it’s not yet approved by the FDA, it’s painless, causes very little scarring and very effective.

What’s Removing Plantar Warts with Cantharidin Like?

The Cantharidin is painted on by a skin specialist and then covered with a bandage. The Cantharidin causes the skin under the wart to blister, lifting the wart off the skin. The blister can be sore, but within a week it should dry out and the wart can be removed along the dead skin at your next appointment.

Success Rates for Cantharidin

In terms of removing foot warts, Cantharidin is much more successful than salicylic acid or freezing. In April 2009, the Journal of Dermalogical Treatment did a preliminary study in which 15 patients received Cantharidin every three weeks. After sixteen weeks, 100% of the patients were cured of their warts. Overall, there is a significant body of research that supports Cantharidin as a safe wart removal treatment. The pending FDA approval is something to consider, but with so much well received clinical research I wouldn’t weigh it that heavily.

Another advantage to Cantharidin in removing warts is that, unlike traditional wart treatments, there is no scarring or long term effects. However, like most treatment plans for removing plantar warts that don’t address the underlying viral cause of the warts, recurrence is still possible. But for most people, since plantar warts are so painful, a short term remedy is a big relief.

Precautions for Cantharidin

Those with diabetes, peripheral arterial disease or related circulatory issues should not use it.

It should never be used on an open wound, in combination with other chemical agents or on moles, birthmarks or unusual warts with hair growing from them.

It’s not safe for use in the genital area.

Side Effects for Cantharidin

With proper application, most people have little or no side effects. As mentioned earlier, the blistering process can be painful, but it’s short lived. In some cases, a patient might experience itching, burning or tenderness at the treatment site. There may also be a temporary color change to the skin but it will fade in a couple months.

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