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Renua 3-D Body Presentation by Dr. Jack Johnson

Body Scan Technology

web site: http:drjack.renua.com

The 3D Body Analyzer, Renua Medical offers is a must in patient screening and monitoring. Scientifically validated, FDA register, this medical device performs a range of test covered by insurance and reimbursed. Fast, non invasive, the Analyzer performs in 7 minutes multiple assessments:

1. Full Autonomic nervous system evaluation:
help physician to understand one of the main regulatory mechanism of the body. Including Valsalva maneuver and orthostatic test. Autonomic nervous system dysfunction has been found in early sign of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and plays a role in other diseases.

2. Arterial stiffness assessment:
helps to understand Endothelial function and early sign of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Sudomotor function assessment:
quick, easy to use, sweat response stimulation assist physician in the understanding of microcirculation disorders and early sign of neuropathy.

4. Blood pressure and hemodynamic indicators are also provided.
Interpretation is made easy using statistical software, charts and graph.
Patient compliance is enhanced with 3D virtual modeling of the risk factors detected.
Following the clinical investigation in Miami University, the system has proven to be “useful to help detect metabolic syndrome and its complication such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease and non invasively and rapidly manage treatment follow up.”
Based on the ICD-9, the scanner brought by Renua Medical covers diabetes, hypertension, neuropathy, anxiety, and much more medical applications.

How it works:
Patient seats and places feet and hands on metal plates. Disposable electrodes are attached to the forehead. Blood pressure handcuff is part of the examination and Pulse oximeter is placed at the index finger. Measurement of over 30 physiological parameters during 7 minutes recording as well as valsalva and change in standing position are required. All results are immediately displayed in a single screen, separate software guides the physician in his interpretation.

To learn how the RM 3-D whole-body Analyzer will enhance your practice, please
contact Dr. Jack Johnson (951) 318-4812
web site: http:drjack.renua.com

“I’ve been involved with RM 3-D Body Scan system for about one year now. The improvements in the software have been awesome over that time. The new algorithms and graphics give the clinician a view into the body that no other technology offers. MRI, CT and ultrasound all give structural information. The clinician has no safe, non-invasive tools to peer into the body that gives timely functional information, especially about the natural electrical flows in the tissues. Tissues have natural electrical charge flows that can easily be deranged by physiologic and/or pathologic imbalances.The RM 3-D Body Scan gives us the ability objectively, not subject to operator error, to see imbalances often before they become manifest pathology. It integrates several physiologic measures into an easily understandable dataset on an individual that allows comparisons over time. It allows easy access to see the impact of most any treatments in the measured tissues. This is a powerful new tool for the creative and serious clinician, facilitating real time therapeutic adjustments. Patients are impressed. I’m impressed.”

William Pawluk, MD, MSc, ABFP

To learn how the RM 3-D whole-body scanner will enhance your practice, please
contact Dr. Jack Johnson (951) 318-4812
web site: http:drjack.renua.com

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