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Respect Your Healer! (Overwatch Quickplay and Competitive)

Hello Youtube! My name is Bobby, and I like to upload videos of all sorts of things! I generally like to make Gameplays and Walkthroughs but I also like to Livestream at times to talk to all of you! Other than Videogames, I also enjoy making Unboxings, Reviews, Vlogs, and other Random Stuff! I Upload and Stream Almost Daily so I Hope You like the Channel and Make Sure to Subscribe for More!

Stream Rules:
1. Please don’t ask to be moderator (Any comments or messages about becoming moderator will be ignored.)
2. No Advertising
3. Please don’t antagonize rule breakers (Drop it and Move on.)
4. No Spamming

PS4: BobbyVThatsMe
Twitch: BobbyVThatsMe
Twitter: BobbyVThatsMeYT
Facebook: Bobbyvthatsme

(To stay updated on the channel make sure to check my twitter @BobbyVThatsMeYT)

Sony PlayStation Camera
Blue Yeti Black Out Microphone
Nikon Coolpix S6200


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