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Reverse Diabetes Naturally - Natural Cure for Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic problem that occurs in many people that involves a lack of the body’s ability to deal with blood sugar and this can happen for different reasons but primarily it’s happening because the body’s insulin which is produced in the pancreas is not able to get into the the body’s cells because they become resistant to it and so we end up with elevated level’s of blood sugar which can get into different parts of the body and wreck havoc. Conventional doctors treating Type 2 diabetics recognize that diet and exercise an important part of treating diabetes but they generally get short visits, they don’t have a lot of time and they think that patients aren’t going to follow any diet and regimen. So normally they write their prescription to patients and give them the medication. There are two main types of medications most people getting. In oral treatments they are getting drugs that maybe increase the insulin level in the body and try to find things that way even though insulin is not certainly a problem. It’s other problems that are leading to the Type 2 diabetes and you can get side effects from these medications too. If the patient don’t get expected results from oral medication, often times they are given insulin shots. Insulin works by lowering the the blood sugar which is what you want but firstly, you are not treating the cause of the problem and secondly, insulin comes with it’s own set of issues. If you lower the blood sugar too much, you can end up with a variety of different issues like dizziness, sweating and it can also lead to increased weight, headache and liver problems. So sometimes people don’t realize when they do to see their doctor, they can actually reverse their diabetes. They are coming because they are trying to save their foot, they are trying to prevent future problems but they don’t realize this is completely reversible. And they are completely surprised when in 3 to 6 months time they are completely diabetes free. The first thing that I want to do when a patient comes in is evaluate where they are at. I want to look at the blood work, I want to get regular indications of what the blood sugars are like for to see how bad their situation is and would also like to see how diabetes has effected other parts of their body. I am going to figure out how is it effecting their kidneys, how is it effecting their liver and how is it effecting their heart. These are really important things and the reason that diabetes is such a huge problem is that first of all you don’t necessarily know you have it when you first have it. Secondarily it can cause damage all over your body without you necessarily realizing it. So once I figured out where the diabetic person is at, I want to look how do we best treat this person and the first thing I am going to do is always diet and exercise. That’s absolutely crucial and very very important and the type of diet that we want to do is diet that eliminates sugar and significantly reduces carbohydrates. This is absolutely essential, there is no better way of doing this. There are lots of other diabetic diets out there but non of them manage blood sugar as well. And the second thing that we need to do is get people doing cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis. This is also absolutely crucial. It is not possible to reverse diabetes without doing these two things. If someone is looking to reverse diabetes naturally – natural cure for diabetes will be to adopt a natural living lifestyle. First of all you want to look at your diet, you want to get out the sugar , the soda an all the other junk. You need to start eating whole foods, eating organic foods and you should also look at getting some exercise- cardiovascular exercise which is very very important.

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