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Reverse Diabetes - Raw Foods Diet

Raw Foods diet for Diabetes – Morgan Spurlock
_High Fiber, Low-glycemic Diet Controls Type 2 Diabetes

Using Food To Reverse Diabetes: Is a Raw Food Diet Really The Diabetes Cure?
Some groups claim that eating a raw food diet will cure diabetes. Is this a sound treatment or another myth?
According to the Mayo Clinic there is no cure for type 2 diabetes; however that has not stopped some groups from suggesting that certain foods may just do that. A healthy diet alongside a regular exercise routine can do wonders in maintaining or preventing type 2 diabetes before it does serious damage. But can food really give diabetics a cure?

The Raw Food Diet
A raw food diet is one where the followers choose to eat only raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables. This special vegan diet is considered very healthy because of its focus on whole foods full of nutrients. Eating fruits and vegetables in their uncooked state contain the most amount of vitamins and antioxidants, claim those who promote this lifestyle.

Reversing diabetes is possible

Death Toll From Diabetes Worse Than AIDS


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