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Reverse Diabetes ** Spinach Juice To Kill Diabetes **

Hello welcome to You Tube channel today we are going discuss about REVERSING DIABETES. We will
teach you about how you can reverse your diabetes by natural home remedies for diabetes at your home. So if you want to know about how you can reverse your diabetes by using these home remedies. In this video we will teach you about how you can reverse your diabetes by having spinach juice to kill your diabetes. Diabetes is deadly but it can be cured by naturally home remedies, if you stick to your diet. If you want to do reverse your diabetes then you should be stick to your diet.
You must know more about diabetes before talk about REVERSE DIABETES. Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism and our bodies use digested food for growth and energy. Diabetes is a disease that some involve problems with the hormones insulin there is no cure for diabetes. Diabetes peoples need to manage their disease to stay healthy. Diabetes leads to high blood glucose and high sugar levels. Diabetic diet is simply and healthy eating plan and rich in nutrients , low in fats and calories that will help you control your blood sugar levels. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is autoimmune disease. Diabetes type 1 is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produce little or no insulin. Diabetes type 2 is a chronic disease that can cause blood sugar levels to be higher than normal. The causes of type 1 diabetes is feeling thirsty, feeling hunger, and feeling very tired all the time. The causes of type 2 diabetes is increased hunger, increased thirst, weight loss, and itching of the skin.

• Spinach: is cure for diabetes and its prevents cancer and spinach lower blood pressure in the body. Spinach is low in calories and high nutrients. It is high antioxidant also.
• Pineapple: is rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals and reduces the risk of diabetes. It is low in calories and high in fiber.
• Banana: is rich in potassium and so many other minerals and it contains vitamins A, vitamin B, vitamin E.
• Almond milk: is not a delicious it is having so many health benefits. It is maintain blood pressure and good antioxidant reduces tension and stress.
To know more about REVERSE DIABETES watch the video.


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