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Reverse Diabetes type 2 diabetes / what is the keto diet / what is keto diet / ketosis

Reverse Diabetes type 2 diabetes / what is the keto diet / what is keto diet / ketosis

All this makes me sick!

I just realized that the “World of Medicine”
is deceiving the sick, and what is worse, with
the help of different governments!

It seems that money (as always) has blinded
doctors and medical professionals, to the point
that now they are voluntarily hiding the truth
about diabetes, its control, and even its cure!

Correct: I said that … Your Healing.

And this should impact it even more: It seems
to go against the law, to say the word “Healing” when
describing something that actually cures a disease.

However, it is fine to say that something “treats”
or helps to “counteract the symptoms”
of a health condition or illness.


But if you say “Healing” you can be arrested.
Although in fact something can be
cured, and even this can be proven!

Have you ever wondered why no
one talks about “curing” diabetes?

Everyone seems to be satisfied with finding
ways to “control” diabetes, or “living” with diabetes.

And this is for good reason … No one tries to
“cure” anyone because they make little money by doing so.

On the contrary, keeping you “slightly” ill,
without feeling any pain, is all they really
do for you these days. And that’s because
in doing so, you’re “forced” to buy all the same
medications, over and over, over and over,
and another … (you understand me!).

If a cure appears, it would mean that you
would buy it once, cure it, and go. That would be all!

If someone showed you how to cure diabetes,
you could not get a lot of money over time, right?

But if someone invents a pill, or an injection
that helps you “live” with diabetes … they will
receive their money week after week, month after

month, year after year, until the day of their death.

Does what I say begin to make sense?

In fact, there is a widespread saying in
the pharmaceutical industry:


“The Cure Eliminates the Benefits”.

I do not know you, but I do not want to have to
rely on any major pharmaceutical company to
keep me alive. And having to give them more
of my money, which I earn with every month.

I prefer to take control of my health and find
a way to eliminate diabetes from my life, and forever.

Luckily, several doctors, scientists and researchers
, armed with Real Answers and Real Solutions,
are NOT afraid, and will not surrender to this GIANT Complaint!

A brave boy, named Sergio Russo is doing just that!

Sergio Russo has given lectures and personally
helped individuals to overcome the disease.

To the point that the sick people have now
been re-diagnosed as people free of diabetes.
Something that has almost always been ruled
out as a possibility, and which may
even now be against the law!

But then … Why have not we heard
this information before in the media?

This is because the media are benefiting greatly
from this business structure, as they receive a lot of
money from pharmaceutical companies for advertising.

Imagine that Diabetes treatment brings more
than $ 10 million PER HOUR to doctors,
pharmaceutical companies and test supplies companies.

With that amount of money at stake, Big Pharma
Companies do, and will, do their utmost to silence any
information about natural and alternative cures for diabetes.

That is why there is no certainty as to how long Sergio
Russo will be allowed to share this information.

This mafia has already begun to use its techniques
of threats and physical attacks to people like
him, who offer real and natural cures.
So, if you are smart and want to know about it
, you should do so while it is still possible. If that is
your case, just visit the following link right now:

Do not be surprised if in a few days you try
to login and the site has been completely removed.
I recommend you visit the site right now:
Do not put your life at risk for another minute!

I hope you can use this information and share
it with others who might be interested.
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