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Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes Naturally Diet by Dr. Cheng Ruan | Layers of Living Success

How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally:

Free Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Plan: www.RuanMD.com/diabetes

This is a complete redesign of what Type 2 Diabetics and those with Prediabetes is supposed to eat. It rearranges the food “pyramid” that we are used to into “layers” that allow us to defeat Type 2 Diabetes, reduce or even eliminate medications (with a doctor’s help), increase energy, and lose fat!

The amount of success with this plan has been dramatic. When Mimi Chan CDE and I originally designed the plan, It was not something that I expected to work so well so fast. People are excited about the plan because it is not a restrictive plan. It also allows people to explore more foods in fun ways. Basically you can have as much as you want of the three of the six categories(since they are unrestricted, with daily minimum) and people tend to dive in and have fun with it.

-Full color PDF of a Type 2 Diabetes Diet for disease reversal
-No calorie counting
-No carb counting
-Easy to follow diet plan

Here are some actual statistics with real people!
As of 4/5/2016, We had 217 people who attempted to follow the Diabetes Reversal plan. Out of the 217 people, 59 have been 100% compliant with the plan over four months.

1) Those who followed the plan closely have 100% success in achieving weight loss (average of 11 lbs over 4 months. The most dramatic being 32 lbs weight loss) while feeling that they eat MORE than they are used to.

2) The 59 people who have been 100% compliant with the plan have significantly reduced or completely eliminated the need for Type 2 Diabetes Medications.

3) 21 people have completely eliminated the need for insulin.

A conversation between a doctor and a patient is far more impactful than a quick prescription followed by a pat out on the back out the door.

Board Certified Internal Medicine physician who is passionate about helping others adopt lifestyle modifications for improving health/fitness.

– Dr. Cheng Ruan

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Disclaimer: the contents of this video is educational and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with your physician prior to making any decisions.


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