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Rising Statin Use - Lowering Cardio Risk

Chances are great that you or someone you love is on statins.

“Statins are the first group of cholesterol medications that have consistently shown reductions in cardiovascular events when we treat high cholesterol. So they don’t just reduce the numbers they actually reduce the events,” says Lee Memorial Health System cardiologist Dr. Brian Taschner.

A recent study found statin use at its highest levels ever, due in part to last year’s change in guidelines. Under the new recommendations, 56 million Americans ages 40 to 75 now fall into an eligible category.

The rise in statin use is meant to lower the risk of cardiovascular events. Previous guidelines focused on existing heart patients, prescribing drug therapy to lower cholesterol to a normal level. The new rules focus on the odds – including a wider group of people, based on their future risk.

“These guidelines try to simplify the process and they define four categories of patients that are eligible for cholesterol therapy and really two doses of cholesterol medicine. Either high intensity or moderate intensity,” says Dr. Taschner.

Considering factors like age and health conditions like diabetes, some may take the drug as a primary prevention. In addition to people with existing cardiovascular disease, more Americans may be taking statins to heart.

“Because there’s so much data supporting their benefit,” says Dr. Taschner.

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