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Rolling Back Your Diabetes Risk

Before people develop Type 2 diabetes, they almost always have ‘pre-diabetes’— blood glucose levels that are higher than normal but not high enough to meet the diagnosis. The good news: it is possible to get off the diabetes express.

“You are able to prevent going to Type 2 diabetes when you’re in that pre-diabetes stage – by 10% weight loss and exercise,” says Melanie Aracri, a diabetes educator with Lee Memorial Health System.

Rolling back the clock on your risk takes commitment and awareness.

“You’re trying to modify the things that you are able to control. Your meal plan, your eating pattern, exercise, some kind of activity. Then of course preventative care, going to the doctor, getting those tests,” says Aracri.

It’s estimated 86-million Americans are living on the edge. Thirty percent will go on to full-blown diabetes within five years according to the CDC. The combination of the population getting older and fatter – one of those things can be reversed.

“We usually say in class that everybody should be following a healthy meal plan.”

Diabetes educators with Lee Health Solutions put bad diets on the chopping block, replacing them with a healthy plan.

“Half the plate full of vegetables. Monitoring your portions of carbohydrates, trying to choose more whole grains. Decreasing your consumption of red meats. Decreasing your consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages,” says Aracri.

Along with 150 minutes a week of exercise. This double whammy takes commitment, but has proven results.

“You want something that you can live with.”

Pre-diabetes is a diagnosis – taking control is a decision.

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