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type 1 Tuesday is about how diabetes relates to your life.
Brains are a tricky culprit and merely a goal achieving mechanism, as highlighted by the book Psycho-Cybernetics, by Dr Maxwell Maltz.

I’ve modified my supplement intake plus minor tweaks to my diet and became addicted to sugar —specifically chocolate and ice cream.
I’ve been eating a fairly tight Autoimmune Paleo Protocol and ‘unknowingly’ in making tweaks to my diet has sent my auto pilot off course.
No one is perfect of course although, what has become a new investigation is how to not feel guilty about eating sugar. Individuals with diabetes have historically been shamed for even touching sweets although, I’ve been more and more accepting of the cravings as simply signs that something is off.
Guilt is pointless, and I choose to autocorrect. As can you, with any target you set for your success-torpedo.


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