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Singularity University Global Ambassador Salim Ismail on Exponential Organizations


Salim IsmailExponential Organizations is one of those very rare individuals who can be and look from both inside and outside of the box – all at the same time. Furthermore, Ismail is one the few Singularity 1on1 interviewees who have the uncanny ability to keep surprising me with challenging, provocative, enlightening and often unexpected answers. During my time at Singularity University [GSP’11] I interviewed Salim for the very first time and then we talked about his personal background, why he is not a singularitarian and why “We are already Gods.”

During this 2nd conversation with Salim Ismail we went both further and deeper in a variety of interesting topics such as: the progress and changes since my time at Singularity University and what SU is all about; potential cures for Alzheimer’s and Diabetes; his book Exponential Organizations and who is it for; business, scarcity and abundance; the definition of Exponential Organization [ExO]; the Importance of a Massive Transformative Purpose [MTP]; the acronym SCALE IDEAS; whether SU is an ExO or not; why Apple and Google are among the most prototypical ExOs; why we may be witnessing the beginning of the end of the era of large organizations; the monumental implications for our political, legal, economic, social and ethical structures; technological unemployment, zero marginal cost and the decline of Capitalism…

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