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Sleep Loss and sleep deprivation

Sleep Loss or Sleep Deprivation will affect you in many ways. The primary effect of sleep deprivation is excessive daytime sleepiness. A sleep-deprived person is likely to fall asleep when forced to sit still in a quiet or monotonous situation, such as during a meeting or class. This degree of severe sleepiness can be a safety hazard, causing drowsy driving and workplace injuries
The other effects of sleep deprivation are widespread:ƒ
o Irritability

o Lack of motivation
o Anxiety
o Symptoms of depression
ƒ Performance
o Lack of concentration
o Attention deficits
o Reduced vigilance
o Longer reaction times
o Distractibility
o Lack of energy
o Fatigue
o Restlessness
o Lack of coordination
o Poor decisions
o Increased errors
o Forgetfulness
ƒ Health
Sleep deprivation has been associated with an increased risk of these medical conditions:
o High blood pressure
o Heart attack
o Obesity
o Diabetes
Severe sleep deprivation has even been associated with an increased risk of age-specific m

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