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Small Steps, Greener Future - #YOUthSERVE #proudLEO

The Leo Club of Brickfields Asia College proud entry to the International Leo Day Video Contest 2017!

We believe in a #greener future, and the first place to start to make this to a reality is through ourselves. If we don’t take the first steps to build a cleaner, greener future. Who will?

That’s why we start with this. A clean-up, to show how easy it is for everybody to do their bit for the environment. However, to ensure a continued and sustainable impact, we have to do it together, continuously.

There’s a saying in Malaysia, “sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit” which means, every little step goes a long way in the future.

We believe in this too and we know that no matter how small your action is. We can go a long way if we work together, continuously.

For more information on what we do as a Leo Club, check out our Facebook page!


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