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Two new PIFs from Food Standards Scotland about why we should all stop giving kids junk food or they’ll be FAT, FAT, FAT as adults and have a lifetime of health problems.

Notice the little asterisk disclaimer “* Refers to Type 2 diabetes”? That’s because, after the PIF originally aired without it, parents started complaining that kids with Type 1 diabetes (which starts in childhood and is not caused by diet) would be bullied or worry that they’d caused their condition themselves. Apparently, people are still not happy about the PIF, and I agree. We all know the “obesity timebomb” is the looming spectre of our day but kids are good enough at tormenting each other over their weight. We as adults shouldn’t be doing it too.

Also notice the little element of sexism: the girl says that in the future her weight will affect her confidence, the boy is worried that he won’t be able to play football any more. I’ve known overweight women AND men who are a lot more confident about their size as adults than when they were kids. Why? Because they’re no longer surrounded by classmates laughing at them all day. They can now choose to fill their lives with people who love them and aren’t total bullying arseholes.


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