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some rhymes for justin

Excuse me Mr. Rippert/ Have a chill day like cool guy/ You like a trainer/ cause you’re freezin’ fools like Lorelai
You so fly it’s time to carry Link straight to Koredai/ A tenderfoot be coughing on the food and we all mortified
And then he ate fish and he learned how to cover/ I’m referencing New Life/ a place we used to hover
Game over from bad meat at supper? ha!/ I call you super smashed, brother
Ain’t no time for peace and quiet/ I know you ain’t no Buddhist/ rock that metal just like a jedi on Geonosis

It’s a passive robbery you best yell out “it’s a trap”/ You’re traveling at light speed like my peanut butter wrap
You used to have hair like Samson/ But then you cut it and you’re way more handsome
Some haters came to fight you/ they tried to end you real quick
But like Luigi with a rock they simply did not make it
You know in Catan/ You stand by your treaties/ So I can get Wheaties for ma diabetes
I “Don’t Bother to Knock” your Balderdash skills/ Cause you gonna make an evil santa claus who kills

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