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South Florida Chemwebs - Morgellons Dispersal - Geoengineering Fallout on Fruit

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Yesterday my hubby brought home fruit from a local farm. When he walked in the door with it, I started feeling weak. The Morgellons nanotech inside my body gets stronger/more active (I get more symptoms) in the presence of other Morgellons nanotech.

The jackfruit, the last 3 times he has brought it home, has made me extremely symptomatic, with it being in our living room. I have had to ask my hubby to leave it in the car until he is ready to cut it. This time as well, when he took the jackfruit (which was triple bagged) back out to his car, I felt much relief.

But I still got a very bad Morgellons “attack” last night. I had to cast out some demons last night, including off our food and out of our home. I felt much better after that. This morning I am able to handle the fruit, and ate all the dragonfruit.

I saw a lot of Morgellons nanotech on the fruit, which is what I am attempting to show in this video. Sorry that I don’t have time to edit today.


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