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Spiritual Healing - How to Experience Everyday Miracles

The Idea, or Christ Mind, or the mind of Christ, extends a thought, which is a sense of being guided. This thought, or the Holy Spirit, has been with us since the time of that first separated thought at the symbolic Garden of Eden, but the hold of the separation was so severe we could not grasp it or even glimpse it.

Miracles show us how the Holy Spirit is the Healer, the Comforter, and the true Teacher, but trust your own abstract way of visualizing this, inner vision, if you will, rather than what others may have pushed on you.

In your own way, without performing surgery on this, consider Jesus, the man, as also one of God’s Creations, Whose right-minded thinking taught Him first that this Inspiration of Truth is within all of us, and is located or not separate somewhere outside of us. He would not have been able to have It Himself without knowing this.

Concrete roadblocks

Beware: the ego will immediately start trying to put bodily or concrete images in front of you as roadblocks. The gaps in your fragmented mind will continue to fill and become paved so you my cross over the bridge from any particular perception to arrive at knowledge. Knowledge is always ready to flow everywhere, because it is everything that is real to you.

By allowing your own abstract alertness to flow, you are healing, and will begin to feel guided by the Universal Communicator as a realization, which will become a knowing based on your individual readiness.

The word “know” is proper in this context, only because the Holy Spirit can be viewed as the connecting bridge from our right-minded perceived notions over to knowledge. In other words, whatever you abstractly see in this picture I’m describing will be transcended to knowledge.

Looking beyond

Truth will explode from you when you are able to take much emphasis away from your body and begin looking beyond to where your real thoughts originate. The Holy Spirit is doing the communicating.

This is why Jesus entered the dream of humanity and separation, may we say, to rid false ideas, and assist in psychic healing, if you will, so we may dream in peace and awaken that way. Miracles perhaps and not magic.

Once again, please do not try to dissect this with concrete thinking, like an engineering project; but rather allow your natural abstractness to see the Holy Spirit in you as an Idea whose time has arrived.

Look at it this way: Do you, or do you not, “know” when you are operating from truth?

Guidance and direction

Try to absorb like a sponge, in the way that is right for you, that the Holy Spirit, in a psychological fashion, is the Thought that directs and guides your true essence. He is aware of the knowledge you do and do not have.

The ego–that doubter in us all filled with fear, does try to block this knowledge by “stretching” the truth, or “hiding” it. You may hide the fact, but you do know, don’t you?

To spiritual healing

Source by James Nussbaumer

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