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SPORT vs DIET for slimming which is more effective

SPORT vs DIET for slimming which is more effective: http://youtu.be/8RXHZ8eQof8

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00:00 Which is More Effective, Sports or Diet?
00:01 If long term slim body is what you are looking for,
00:02 then start restricting your calorie intake.
00:03 According to Donald Hensrud, MD, of the Mayo Clinic,
00:04 reducing calorie intake is more effective in combating obesity
00:05 than increasing the frequency of exercise.
00:06 The key to avoid obesity is burning more calories more than calories we consumed.
00:07 According to Hensrud, 3500 calories equals 1 pound (0.45 kg) of fat.
00:08 So, if you want to shed 1 pound per week,
00:09 that means you have to reduce 500 calories from the daily diet (500 calories x 7 days).
00:10 Even so, it does not mean that we should neglect sport at all,
00:11 because doing diet desperately without physical activity will not produce optimal results.
00:12 “With exercise, excess fat that can not be reduce from diet can be burned,” said Hensrund.
00:13 In addition, regular exercise will also create a more stable body weight and fitter body.
00:14 Body work that we do will also nourish our heart, blood circulation, and improve our mood.
00:15 Recent studies also cite that more physical activities will suppress our appetite.
00:16 Research shows that people who exercise regularly will have a more stable weight.
00:17 Meanwhile those who rely on diet only, may indeed lose weight drastically,
00:18 however after stopping the diet, the body fat will be produced again.

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