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Stem Cell Therapy For Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes is the disease of chilhood and adolescent people.This 18 year old young boy had diabetes from 2 years. He was on insulin injections.His sugar levels before therapy were fasting of 350 and after lunch 550. After 2 months of stem cell therapy his sugar levels dropped to half fasting of 150 and after lunch 300 and insulin requirements dropped to half the previous levels.He feels more energetic and tiredness is gone and able to live almost normal life. In another 4 months he could be totally off insulin.Treatment cost was just Rs. 75,000 compared to Rs. 5 lacs
in Mumbai.

Address: C/o Dr Sagar Jawale, Jawale hospital,Near SBI,Jilha Peth,gandhi Nagar,Jalgaon-425001.Phone No: 9370000380, 0257-2224103
Mobile no:+919370000380


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