The STOP-HF (Screening to Prevent Heart Failure) initiative is where individuals (over 40 years of age who have one cardiovascular risk factor, such as high blood pressure or diabetes) have a simple blood test which can predict those at risk of not just heart failure but other cardiovascular diseases, allowing more focused care to be directed to these at individuals.
The STOP-HF Screening Programme, developed by the Heartbeat Trust, began in 2004 as a research project with the main aim of assessing if people with risk factors for heart failure could have their risk defined by the use of a blood test known as Natriuretic Peptide (NP). NP is a protein that is released from the heart when it is under stress or strain. Carrying on from the success of the research project, STOPHF is now a routine preventative screening service provided by the Heartbeat Trust.
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