Distant Energy Healing

Distant Energy Healing 1 Month

$1,500 $1,350

Session includes :

  1. Scanning
  2. Invocation Prayer
  3. Forgiveness Prayer
  4. Energy Healing
  5. One month (12 Session)
  6. Session: 40 Min

Product Description


In this Distant Healing Session each session takes 40 minutes to complete, You will be scanned, cleansed and energized with healing light, love and power from the Divine, Holy Masters, Archangels and Holy Angels using  universal energy healing techniques.

Healing Period : During patients sleeping period – 40 mins

The objective of the healing is to harmonize, normalize, balance and stabilize the energy system of the patient.

During the healing session, we don’t need any communication. This session involves distance healing. We require your name, city and your photo. We will communicate via e-mail / facebook / whatsapp before and after healing.

In the scanning analysis we will analyze your energy condition – energy level of your aura, chakras, internal organs and endocrine glands. We will also check the condition of the five elements – ether, earth, water, fire and air of your physical body.


Following are the elements of the therapy:

  • Cleansing of negative energies, thought forms, emotions, feelings
  • Cutting of unwanted energy links
  • General Cleansing of the Aura and Sealing of Holes and Cracks in aura
  • Removing blocks from the chakras by psychotherapy techniques
  • Activating, Inhibiting and Balancing of Chakras
  • Cleansing and energizing the internal organs
  • Cleansing and Activating the Glands
  • Activating the energy flow throughout the body with Divine Energy and Earth Energy
  • Learning Special Healing Invocation Prayer

Objective of Healing Session:

  • Harmonizing
  • Normalizing
  • Balancing
  • Stabilizing

Energy System to be heal:

  • the Chakras
  • Energy Meridians
  • Internal Organs
  • Endocrine Glands
  • Five Elements

Techniques includes :

  • Scanning
  • Invocation Prayer
  • Forgiveness Prayer
  • Energy Healing
  • One month (12 Session)
  • Session: 40 Min


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