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Discover How to Boost Your Energy Level, Feel Healthier, and More Alive, Simply by Changing Your “Sugar Habits” and Controlling Your Cravings!

This is a 2-hour video course that helps you boost your energy, feel healthier and more alive simply by eliminating sugar from your life! A course packed with Bitten Jonsson’s in-depth knowledge about the symptoms, effect and treatment of the addiction.

Bitten Jonsson is a registered nurse with several years of experience in the United States and Sweden and over the years she has treated thousands of people. She has worked with addictive disorders for 22 years, and specifically with sugar dependency during the last 18 years.

Bitten is ADDIS ® – qualified since the early 90’s and have developed – and she is one of two in the world that makes ADDIS specifically for sugar addiction.

She is a successfull writer and she has written two bestsellers on sugar addiction, “Sockerbomben” (The Sugar Bomb) and “Sockerfria kokboken” (The Sugarfree Cookbook). She lectures and teaches all over Europe and in the US and offers numerous courses and training for people with addiction and for professionals.

Bitten and many of her colleagues are convinced that sugar is the basis of all addictions. Therefore she has developed a specific treatment model that has its roots in the fields of American dependence medication, integrated functional medicine and anti-aging. The model focuses on the brain in particular and stresses that each of us are biochemically unique. With the right knowledge of your own unique biochemistry, you can prevent disease and live a healthier, longer and richer life.

Learn more about Bitten on her webpage www.bittensaddiction.com

Do you eat a lot of sugar? Is it hard for you to skip something sweet after your meals?

Well who can blame you. Sugar is sweet and easy to fall in love with, but the fact is, that in our modern society we consume way too much of it – so much so, that many of us are now becoming addicted to sugar and it’s quickly affecting our lives, families, careers and overall health.

High consumption levels of sugar diminishes our energy levels. It affects our concentration, our sex lives and is a primary factor in chronic fatigue, obesity, depression, heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, premature aging, gum and tooth decay, cancer, and a weakened immune system.

What Would Your Life and Career Be Like,
if You Enjoyed Higher Levels of Energy and Concentration?

If you took sugar out of your life you would be able to reconnect with your better self – but if you are dealing with a sugar addiction you will need professional help doing so. We hooked up with Scandinavia’s leading addiction specialist, Bitten Jonsson, in order to create a workshop that could help you. Bitten has worked with addictive disorders and sugar dependency for 22 years. Over the years her research and treatment models have helped thousands of people recover from sugar addiction.

And now it is your turn! This transforming workshop was created so that you too, no matter where you are located in the world, can tab into Bitten’s unique knowledge and work methods. Normally her classes cost thousands of kronor – but through this exclusive online video course you will be able to take your first steps towards your new life much more cost effectively – and all in the comfort of your own home!

Start your new healthy sugar-free life today – simply buy or rent this class and recieve instant access!

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