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Sweet Revenge: Turning the Tables on Processed Food (Spanish Version)

For years we have been told that type 2 diabetes, liver and heart disease are caused by eating too much–it’s all our fault. Dr. Robert H. Lustig explains that the problem is the quality and not the quantity of the food we eat. The real culprit is processed food, loaded with added sugar and stripped of its natural fiber and nutrients.

In this program, Dr. Lustig explains:

• Obesity is not the real problem; being thin is no protection from disease.
• All calories are not equal–which to avoid and which to eat.
• How your hormones can make you sick or healthy.
• Why sugar calories are so dangerous to your liver and your life.
• Easy, practical ways to get sugar and processed food out of your life.

To buy a DVD of the program, go to: http://www.adviseandconsent.net/sweetrevenge.html

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