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Swollen feet from diabetes: Why this better alarm you

Swollen feet from diabetes is a direct sign that the body is losing  the feet. Millions of people have had to have their feet cut off from this illness. It is a serious wake up call that you may be next. Over 86% of those who have their feet removed or legs cut off could have been saved had they acted in time. It is critical to do something about this fast. It is the waiting that causes those with swollen feet from diabetes to lose the fight.

It is important to realize that a typical sugar free diabetes diet will not reverse this problem. What swollen feet from diabetes means is that the circulation is being cut off to the feet. The nerves and blood vessels are being destroyed and this is really bad news. Surgery to reverse this often does not work and cost over 5,000 dollars. Diabetes medications have not be shown to help much and also cause heart disease problems. Swollen feet from diabetes can only be reversed with a specialized diet for diabetes feet problems. Waiting to reverse the swollen feet leads to diabetic ulcers which are painful and the first road to having the feet removed.

There is a specialized diabetes swollen feet and pain diet that has naturally been reversing this is condition. It is popular in many countries and can save the feet. See it here CLICK HERE diabetes feet pain   It is critical to reverse this quickly as the nerve damage is often irreversible if you wait.

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