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Sydney Science Research: Healthy Science

From finding solutions to the human obesity epidemic to uncovering the neurobiology of drug addiction, and from developing adaptive statistical models that pull together huge amounts of data to understand diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers and diabetes to using new chemical methods to produce medicines, scientists in the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Science are working on our healthy future.

Our biologists and microbiologists are working on how nutrition, immunity and the flora of the gut interact in humans, with the aim of devising diets that optimise immune responses.

Our chemists are devising ways to use metal complexes and metalloproteins in the essential and therapeutic control of diabetes.

Our psychologists are investigating the neuroscience and psychopharmacology of addictive drugs on the brain.

Our mathematicians are developing adaptive statistical modelling frameworks that use biological data to discover clinically significant biomarkers to better understand the underlying biological system of complex diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer and diabetes.

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