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Testimony for Urinary Incontinence, Multiple Stroke, Glaucoma using Negative Ion Products

Marque, 82 years old, suffered multiple strokes before she was 80. Half of her body became paralysed, making walking and standing very difficult. She also experienced urinary incontinence and inability to control her bowel movements. Since she started using negative ion sanitary panty liners, she started gaining back control of her urinary incontinence and is also able to walk alone without any form of assistance!

She also suffered from glaucoma and had watery eyes. After placing negative ions sanitary panty liners on her eyes overnight for 1 week, she can see much more clearly and her eyes are no longer watery.

At 82, she feels strong and is happy to gain back her mobility! Watch the video and listen to her touching testimonial!

—Introduction of Negative Ion Clothes—

Improve your wellness and embark on a healthier lifestyle simply by changing what you wear! Our negative ion clothes made in Japan has Oekotex certification which means our fabric is free from common toxins such as carcinogenic dyes and heavy metals.

Our negative ion clothes is also the only fabric that generates negative ions in such beneficial abundance which can support your wellness!

Want to know how negative ions can help you and your loved ones?

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E-mail: talk@eatprayflying.com

For 44 years, from Japan to Taiwan, US, HK, Malaysia, Singapore, and globally, Negative ions have touched the lives of more than half a million people with the following health concerns, based on people’s personal testimonial sharing:

* Alzheimer’s |* Arthritis |* Asthma | * Bone Problems eg Bone Spur |* Cancer | * Cardiovascular Diseases | * Chronic Pain | * Cataract |* Depression | * Diabetes |* Digestion issues |* Eye diseases |* Eczema |* Frozen shoulder | * Gout | * Hypertension | * Incontinence | * Infertility | * Insomnia|* Joint Pains | * Kidney problems | * Knee Cap Pains | * Liver diseases | * Lupus | * Menstruation Pain | * Menopause symptoms | * Migraine | * Nasal allergy | * Osteoporosis | * Overweight/Obesity | * Parkinson’s disease | * Prostate Problem | * Psoriasis | * Rheumatoid Arthritis | * Sinus | * Sleep Apnea | * Slip Disc / Spine problems | * Snoring | * Spondylitis | * Stroke | * Thyroid | * Water retention


Nefful Singapore Holdings Pte. Ltd. makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, of any kind in respect of its products.

In particular, Nefful products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and no warranty or representation is made with regard to its ability to do so. In no event shall Nefful Singapore Holdings Pte. Ltd. or any of its officers, agents or representatives be liable for any damages related to the products sold.


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