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The ABCs of Diabetes for Children

Diabetes education plays an important part in the management of diabetes. As educators we have to be continually seeking innovative ways of delivering this much needed information, so that its impact is one in which the individual receiving it is empowered to make the best choices. I have chosen rhymes as the method of delivery to educate,encourage and empower individuals where their health is concerned. Studies have shown that rhymes promote the recalling of facts as listening/repeating rhymes develop our memorizing skill. How much easier is it to apply information you remember, than that which you don’t remember? Every adult was a child once. In that childhood phase play was an important part of all of our lives and we had no real concern for example of when or what we were going to eat. Play ended when our responsible parents would say, “It’s time to eat, bathe or sleep”, or any other thing they saw fit to call us away to. Childhood was a time of innocence and of course, no worries. While this may still be a reality for some, unfortunately there are children who live with diabetes and their childhood is not as carefree. However, all is not lost. With careful management by an interdisciplinary team of health professional, their parents and themselves, a diabetes fighting plan can still ensure children are not robbed of the opportunity to run, skip, swim and play. To just be a child. Children should not fear diabetes and this all depends on the way they are supported through these formative years of their lives. In a nutshell, The ABC’s of Diabetes presents diabetes in a children friendly format of rhymes complimented by attractive illustrations. Written as an introduction to diabetes this book will give children an understanding of diabetes in its simplest form. At the end of the book the children are treated to word puzzles that incorporate that sense of play while learning. All the answers to these learning, fun puzzles are found within the contents of the book.


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