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The Big Diabetes Lie Review | Does it Really Work?

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How 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie Work?

According to the Max Sidorov’s breakthrough book, medical experts have always known that they could reverse diabetes. Additionally, Sidorov suggests that people may have the ability to eliminate their Type 2 The-7-Steps-To-Health-And-The-Big-Diabetes-Liediabetes in as little as three weeks. All this is possible without insulin therapy and other medications, says the book.

This author is convinced that certain studies have shown that people do not have to suffer from the ill effects of Type 2 diabetes, such as neuropathy and the threats of amputations and kidney failure. If you go to the official website of the Max Sidorov diabetes cure, you can actually read two of the actual studies that the author cites.

The premise of the diabetes breakthrough is based on insulin resistance. He explains that a molecule called LTB4 can invade your body and cause inflammation in the whole body, which also produces insulin resistance. As a result, the sugar level in your blood rises and you experience classical symptoms associated with Type 2 diabetes. This is part of his seven steps to health that helps get rid of this inflammation.

What is inside the Book?

The 7 Steps to Health basically outlines 20 chapters of some of the reasons people suffer from diabetic symptoms and how they can easily be reversed. Of course, the book addresses the alarming rate of obesity in our nation and how sugar, refined flour, and overly-processed junk food have contributed to it. Sidorov explains that these health hazards can make you vulnerable to the LTB4 and the resulting systematic inflammation.

1. Avoid Eating Diet Foods
It stands to reason that eating diet foods would counteract all of this sugar rush. Ironically, states the book, it does just the opposite. The Max Sidorov diabetes cure produces evidence that suggests that artificial sweeteners, diet sodas, and margarine can just make you fatter and more susceptible to diabetic symptoms. They do a lot to unbalance your blood sugar levels. In one chapter, the author opines that dairy products are ultimately bad for us and suggests better alternatives (i.e. almond milk products).


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