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The cause and cure for diabetes type1 and 2

Erectile Dysfunction

Sorry to take so long to get back to you all. I’ve had a large number of people write to me, all with slightly different takes on how to get better.

So, this letter is a general one, so you will have to figure how it fits in with your particular situation.

Since I am not asking for money from you, nor do I want any, I have to limit the time with you to only those that are really serious about curing yourself.

My experience is has been that ED is harder to cure, harder than blood glucose, diabetic wounds, neuropathy, etc.

My experience with other people is that trey only do those things that they think are going o help them, rather than testing out a different approach, which they are3 reluctant to try.. And this approach is definitely different.

This is going to be added into the video description what the real cause of diabetes is.
This video, should convince you to test out whether the procedure proposed will actually cure you.

Because my time is limited, I only want to deal with peopl that are alre3ady convinced that they can be cured, and will take the time and effort to do so.


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