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The eating habits of the people in Pune

Earlier Pune did not use to have much eateries and it has been since the last few years that number of places to eat in Pune are increasing. The city over the decade has seen a sharp rise in budget hotels as well as luxurious restaurants. The budget hotels in the city are known to provide cheap yet quality daily meals to their customers whereas the large and medium size restaurants provide Indian as well as continental cuisines to their affluent customers. The city also has a chain of cafes, fast food centres, canteens, popular roadside dhabas, coffee shops that are usually frequented mostly by the student community of the city.

Among the important eateries of Pune is the hotel Vaishali that mainly serves South-Indian snacks. Situated near to academic institutions, hotels like Vaishali attract college students who prefer breakfasts, lunch as well as dinner at such hotels. Not only this, these hotels also serve as a good place for student hangouts. Famous Hotels in Pune that provide north Indian dishes include Sigree, Great South-Indian joint,  Hotel Punjab international, Tangerine etc.    

In Pune if you are desirous of enjoying the flavours of Dum Biryani, Chicken Kebab then it is advisable to visit Kebab Hut, Blue Nile or Sigree. Moreover Arthur’s Theme in Koregaon Park provides the best French cuisines. The seating arrangement of the Arthur’s Theme is unique as it is in the open air. However in addition to this you also find the in-house seating. Another important eatery in Koregaon Park is the Darios and it is purely a vegetarian restaurant. It not only is famous for Indian cuisines but also is known for Italian recipes.

And for all those people who are looking for a banquet hall to party, Post 91 offers a solution. Though it provides a variety of recipes, yet the place has acquired fame in providing the most tasty desserts. There happens to be a lounge cum disco in the outskirts of Pune named ‘Not Just Jazz by the Bay’. It attracts well to do people of Pune, mostly young professionals who are looking  to party hard along with good food.

Among the other places to eat in Pune, there are some hotels that provide continental as well as Chinese dishes. Branded restaurants like Mainland China, Chinese Room, Whispering Bamboos have their food centres in Pune providing chinese delicacies. Silk route, Oriental Stir Kitchen, Malaka Spice do offer Thai dishes to their customers.

The above are some of the top restaurants in the city of Pune. Apart from them there exist a number of small yet equally good food junctions in the city of Pune which attracts food lovers in large number. Most of the small shops out here selling fast food and other Indian and continental dishes are run by professionals in hotel and hospitality industry. As the number of food lover increase in Pune, their business too thrives as they are known to provide quality food at cheap rates as compared to other hotels and restaurants.

Source by Rman Kushwaha

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