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The Fact About the Food Pyramid and Wholesome Eating..

Most people have heard about “The Food Pyramid”. It’s a government fundamental guideline for “healthy eating” each day, it’s a general food guide for the country.

In reality, the government (US Department of Agriculture) has recently upgraded it’s food pyramid — but the truth is that it’s still an unsatisfactory guideline for people who want to reduce weight.

It’s important to recall that the Food Pyramid was not formed for “weight reduction”, it was formed as a “general food guide” to maintain mean health.

It’s supposed to be a general food guide for wholesome eating, so you must recall that it’s not a tool destined to help you with fat reduction and dieting.

In other lexis, it’s not the best selection to help overweight people who want to get slim in a hurry.

Secondly, the new Food Pyramid is based on vague nutritional guidelines which are almost as bureaucratic and vague as possible. It advocates that people should eat exact “ounces” of food based on a person’s age, weight, gender, and other factors.

…But trying to gauge your daily food intake by using such vague guidelineslines is just not very fun or viable — not to mention it’s not very easy to do either.

In other words, it’s not a answer for weight reduction — nor is it a viable answer for healthy eating each day. In reality, the Food Pyramid is just like most other government created “guidelines” — which means it’s the answer of a bureaucratic effort which aims to give vague and general opinion.

If you’re looking to reducing weight then you sure don’t want to use the new Food Pyramid as a tool to help you, because you likely won’t see rapid dieting results by doing that.

If you’re looking to get skinny then there is an Online Diet Generator which can allow you to reduce weight quickly, and more importantly our diet generator is easy to use (and it gauges all of your meals for you, so that you don’t have to do any work yourself).

Knowing that people need an easy to follow menu in order to start losing weight, because people don’t want to read food labels and counting calories (most people are too busy for that anyway).

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