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The Healing Power of Master John Douglas - My Personal Experience

What an experience, I want to share it and hope by doing so there will be many who benefit thereof.

Peter, who is a dear friend and someone whom I consider quite enlightened just sent me a CD package called spirit repair by Master John Douglas who since the age of nine years old has been studying profound healing modalities.

Peter, who is a regular meditator and one whom I consider to be in alignment with the laws of nature began to experience a downward spiral in his personal life and general state of well being.

At the time I hadn’t known this and am only giving a version of what he shared with me after these events took place.
It was by serendipity and in response to his prayers that a friend of his told him of Master John Douglas and confirmed as well that this man is the real deal.

Peter took his friends advise and attended an event.

His life since has changed so dramatically that he couldn’t help but share in the evolution.

My sister who was the first to experience the benefit of these CD’s said that within the first 45 seconds into the CD she was sobbing and did so for about 15 to 20 minutes then said that she began to feel such a sense of wholeness and peace afterward and finally feel into a deep and dreamless slumber. This was in the middle of the afternoon. When she awoke, even I felt there was a transformation in her.

For myself, I awoke early this morning and instead of getting up and going to work, which actually translates as brewing a cup of green tea and walking upstairs to my home office. I stuck the CD into my stereo and got back into bed.

I didn’t do anything like sob and didn’t feel as though I needed to but I certainly went into another realm.

We all know that each morning we wake, there are a barrage of thoughts that plague our mind and usually I’m working overtime to to keep these thoughts enlightened and productive.

This morning was an exception.

Within 2 minutes I was gone. And it wasn’t asleep, it was much more like being one with the cosmos, all encompassing, free of all thoughts and sort of like my mind was pulsating. I felt big.

Something has happened, I can feel it.

I now intend to incorporate these CD’s into my daily emergence and intrigued as I can be to watch my life unfold.

Source by Synthia Blackmore

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