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The Importance of Support Groups for Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury

–  Encouragement is given to assist members in achieving their rehabilitation goals.

–  Members are encouraged not to give up when the going is tough and when things do not come easily.

–  There will be assistance in helping a brain injured person acknowledge their losses and to move on with their new life.

–  Members share their personal experiences which often helps others with their own problems.

–  Being a member of a support group helps those with injuries retain a continuing safety net.  Many survivors have lost their homes, their jobs and their families.  They do not have a healthy network of family and friends who are involved with their rehabilitation.  Many are unable to return to the jobs they had pre-injury.  They have nowhere to turn and often no motivation to look for help.  Support groups can help them through these difficult times.  Brain injuries are a lifelong disability and as such will require lifelong assistance.  Support groups can fill this need.

–  Members of support groups will hear stories of others’ challenges and successes which may help them with motivation.

–  Support groups can give assistance in helping to get resources, information, education and help.

–  Attendance in a group will almost certainly ensure inclusion in social activities, the opportunity to become aware of recreation programs and to learn about the available community services.

–  Sharing experiences can bolster self-awareness and self-esteem.

–  Many groups have access to a resource library.

–  Help is offered in coping with difficulties associated with brain injuries and also with anger management problems.

–  Most groups will have speakers in to discuss relevant problems, give information on brain injuries and its effects as well as give assurances that they are not alone.

–  Many groups offer life skills classes and help with adjusting to deficits.

–  A few will offer counseling or make recommendations of where to go for counseling.

–  Because all members have experienced similar difficulties, they support each other, listen, and understand the problems each person is faced with.

–  Some groups meet on a drop-in basis while others meet on regular days at specified times with people who attend each meeting faithfully.

Those who have taken that step to joining a support group have also taken one of their first steps towards accepting their new life and moving forward.

Source by Sylvia Behnish

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