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The Importance of the Prayer Of Jabez

Scriptures and holy books have many examples of prayers, that teach us to believe in the existence of God and count on him. The prayer of Jabez is one such prayer.

The prayer of Jabez is mentioned in the Bible. But his approach is completely different from how we make requests to God. The prayer is divided into the following four parts:

· Part I: In the first part, Jabez asks God to bless him. He recognizes that only God has the power to bless, and he is the only one who has the divine powers. He acknowledged who God is and believed that God will make his life beautiful. This says that we should always pray from the heart and have faith in the power of blessings.

· Part II: In the second part, Jabez asked God to multiply his territory. Now, this can be seen in two ways. Some say that Jabez asked God to enlarge his land. While others say that he asked God to increase his share of spiritual territory. He wanted to get closer to God. When you pray, ask God to give you the capability of serving more, rather than asking for more wealth.

· Part III: In the third part, he asked God to stay with him. Jabez wanted God to hold his hand and guide him in the right direction. With God by his side, he wanted to feel protected and secured. When we pray, we often ask for materialistic benefits, or an unfavorable situation to get over, but we should rather ask for God’s hand that will turn all bad into goods.

· Part IV: In the last part of his prayer, Jabez asked God to keep him from harm and free him from the pain. The meaning of the name Jabez is “born with pain”, and we all are born with the pain and sufferings written in or life kitty. Jabez wanted to be free of this, this way we can also request God to free us from the entanglements that create sufferings.

The Prayer of Jabez encourages Christians to understand the power of praying. One should follow the Jabez prayer among other prayers of the Bible to create his own way of praying. Remember, there are no set rules or spells to enchant in order to get wishes fulfilled from God. He is not a genie who takes orders; he is a part of you that listens to the heartfelt and passionate wishes.

Prayer is a great advantage that God has given to his children. Through prayers, we can surrender to God and all his wills for our lives. To that end, may we all learn to pray with the modesty, faith, and hope of blessing Jabez exhibited.

Source by Shubham Chauhan

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