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"The Most Glorious Me" YWCA of Asheville 2014 Video

At the November, 2014 Persimmon Luncheon the YWCA proudly debuted our new 7-minute film, created for us by Trivette Images. The film highlights three powerful stories – Jennifer Wilmer (Diabetes Wellness & Prevention), Jocelyn Franks (MotherLove), and Gabriela Volkomer (Drop-In Child Care).

These three women have bravely shared their personal journeys, as well as how the YWCA has helped them to reach their goals. We invite you to watch the film, and please feel free to share it with others.

If you are inspired by what you see, please consider making a donation in honor of Jennifer, Jocelyn, and Gabriela. www.ywcaofasheville.org

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