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The New Medical Frontier — Health and the Patient

Four Dartmouth-Hitchcock leaders, including CEO and President Dr. James N. Weinstein, wrapped up the six session OSHER@Dartmouth lecture series “The New Medical Frontier” by focusing on D-H’s goal to build a sustainable health system and provide each person with the best care, in the right place. Weinstein began with his family’s own experience with the “very complicated healthcare system that doesn’t have the patient at the center,” as told in his book “Unraveled; Prescriptions to repair a broken health care system.” Dr. Robert Greene, Dr. Sarah Pletcher, and ImagineCare CEO Chuck Toye talked about how innovative technologies and services, like telehealth and ImagineCare, can keep people healthy and at home.

Time: Speaker/Respondent: Topic
0:00 John Ferries, Osher Welcome & Thanks
3:10 Pete Bleyler, Osher Speaker Introductions
6:23 Dr. James Weinstein, D-H “Unraveled”
12:58 Dr. Robert Greene, D-H Population Health
18:13 Dr. Sarah Pletcher, D-H Telehealth
22:36 Chuck Toye, ImagineCare ImagineCare
33:07 Dr. James Weinstein, D-H Quality, Safety, Patient Care

35:24 Q&A begins

35:26 Chuck Toye – Finding quality comparisons
35:58 Chuck Toye – ImagineCare participation
37:13 Greene, Pletcher, Toye – Treating Type I diabetes
42:19 Weinstein, Pletcher, Toye, Greene – Patient privacy in telehealth; cybersecurity
47:21 Chuck Toye – Competitors to ImagineCare
49:43 Pletcher, Weinstein – Coordinating with other telehealth providers
54:25 Pletcher – Telepsychiatry
56:20 Toye – Connectivity issues for ImagineCare
58:35 Weinstein – Defining sustainability
1:02:43 Greene, Toye, Weinstein, Pletcher – Monitoring health anywhere via ImagineCare
1:13:42 Toye, Weinstein – Relationship between ImagineCare and D-H; wide ranging reflections on D-H’s role from Weinstein
1:18:39 Weinstein, Greene – Community health benefits
1:23:38 Toye, Weinstein – Resources for/services from ImagineCare
1:30:31 Toye, Weinstein, Pletcher – Lowering blood pressure, general conversation about healthcare financials and philosophy
1:40:02 Pletcher, Greene – Telecommunications for diagnosis
1:41:48 Pletcher, Toye, Weinstein – Chances of malpractice in telehealth
1:45:47 Weinstein, Pletcher, Toye – Inequities in access via telehealth
1:49:18 Weinstein, Pletcher, Toye – Physician, nurse, staff turnover
1:55:01 Bleyler – Wrap-up

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