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The Police and Crime Commisioner Awards | Keira Diavati

The Police & Crime Commissioner Awards | Keira Diavati

Award Category: Young Good Citizen – Shropshire

Nominated by: Sharon Munro, Headteacher at St George’s Junior School

Keira faces the daily challenge of living with type 1 diabetes which involves a daily routine of injections and tests and she had an insulin pump fitted to her stomach in 2011 when she was just six years old.

She is very passionate about raising understanding of her condition and has written to, and later met with, her local MP, Daniel Kawczynski, to highlight the associated issues. This was followed in March 2014 when, aged just eight, Keira attended the Houses of Parliament to lobby MPs on the issues raised.

Keira has inspired and worked with her local community to raise awareness and funding. She supported a friend and her mother’s fundraising campaigns, both of which raised in excess of £2,500.
She has organised her own fund-raising events. A charity night raised £1,400 for the local support group SKID (Shrewsbury Kids Insulin dependent) and she supplemented this when she arranged a onesie day at school to raise further funds.

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