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Tips for a Healthier Workplace

A healthy workforce may be a company’s biggest asset. Studies find emphasizing wellness and prevention pays dividends in both production and job satisfaction.

“What we’re really concentrating on here is helping employers and their employees become as healthy as possible,” says Dr. Andrew Singh.

Dr. Andrew Singh promotes corporate health for Lee Memorial Health System. He says businesses big and small can benefit. Companies which are successful at this create a healthy vibe.

“People are engaging together; they are going for walks after work, they are in Weight Watchers together,” says Dr. Singh.

Some companies take it a step further, promoting wellness by hosting health fairs and screenings. A handful of medical tests look at common conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure- then give people steps to better their condition.

“We can come on-site to an employer, have minimal impact to their employee’s daily routine yet give them so much immediate information. In that 15 minutes, we can give them a prescription for what they should be doing to improve their health, says Dr. Singh.

A safe workspace is also important. It’s worth taking a close look at tasks workers are expected to perform and make sure they have the proper tools and practices in place.

It could be an office environment where ergonomics and back strain are a problem. It could be a chemical company where there are lots of different exposures. Nursing home employees have very particular and sometimes significant injuries taking care of our population,” says Dr. Singh.

Promoting wellness in the workplace improves everyone’s bottom line.

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