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Tips for curing Diabetes | Swelling in Thyroid | Depression

Diabetics should replace your ordinary flour with mixed roasted flour of barley, gram and wheat to improve digestion and to sort out liver related disorders; drink mixed juice made of 1 bitter-guard and 3 or 4 tomatoes every day; consume buttermilk in lunch and go for brisk walk for 10 -15 minutes; cut lemon into 2 pieces, take out its seeds, apply kathha on its both sides and then, put it outside for entire night. Drink its juice the very next morning. Thyroid patients should take coriander seeds’ boiled water twice a day and gargle with the solution of hot water, alum and salt for getting rid of swelling. The patients suffering from inadequate sleep must wake up and bath early in the morning then, try to absorb sun rays while standing in sun; massage on spinal cord area and drink pomegranate juice. Eat white pumpkin seeds to curb depression.


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