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Tips in Skin Needling with Dermaroller. KL

Dermaroller Dangers – Diabetes,Vitiligo,Keloid.

After sterilizing the face with alcohol swab,i apply a layer of lignocaine 10%.I let her rest in warm environment for full 1 hour.No air condition or fan wind as, if wind or air-con,the cream dries on face rather than absorb.
After 1 hour i do NOT wipe off the lignocaine.Instead i apply a second layer of a 2nd line numbcream-benzocaine20% [mucopain] used by dentist to numb gum ere jab.This also helps numb skin to certain extent.
After a further half hour i start needling.I apply another coat of lignocaine just before needling-so there’re 3 layers numbcreams:
Layer 1-lignocaine [absorbed] Layer 2-benzocaine
Layer 3-lignocaine again

No where i wipe off any numbcream from face as they’re still effective+act as lubricant while needling.Further in needling,the numbcream’s directly driven into tissue further enhancing anesthesia.With that,a good degree of numbness is achieved,so can needle deeply even with 2.5 or 3mm pin roller.
If she yet feels pain during needling,i again add benzocaine or lignocaine & roll over it.Pain’s the chief bug in needling that torments.By this method pain’s hardly felt as seen inthis video.She didn’t complain any pain.On the converse,she asked me to needle further.I can yet do harder needling but i thought it was enough.
Some are hypersensitive to pain,even this method of numbing the skin,doesn’t work,still pain.In such cases further layers of benzocaine/lignocaine are added & rolled over it.Some yet grimace in pain despite several layers anesthetic cream.In such case i wait for further half hour & roll again.Anesthetic cream affect lasts 3-4hours,so no need hurry up finish rolling.

Platelet laden blood’s not wiped off,as it contains valuable platelets that rejuvenate skin,so why needlessly wipe it off & throw into dustbin-then the garbage lorry takes away our platelets.The blood’s instead smeared on face to facilitate rejuvenation.No need the cumbersome PRP technique ofdrawing out blood,centrifuging,then re-injecting into face.Just utilize what’s at hand,the platelets.Rub into the needled skin-maximum benefit,simple way.
Further when blood dries,it seals the wounds,a natural sealant preventing infection from outside.The unwiped blood,numbcreams,vitamin serum all dry on face forming a firm glistening shield against germs.
She’s advised not to wet face till next day.I give particular time,till next day 12noon,not to wash face.This gives ample time for the needle pricks to occlude+give plenty time for skin to utilize the vitamin serum applied.Also downtime diminishes.No need 3 days of redness.Next day itself hardly any red’s noticed except where severe needling’s done as on scars.This can be easily camouflaged by vitamin ACE cream
Never ever apply any cosmetics,soap,shampoo,cleansers or any chemicals on face at least for 1 week,as their absorption’s grossly increased in needled ski.Can cause reaction with pigmentation.

192pins 2.5mm

Vitamin ACE serum

dr teja
o13 22 9 22 56

If we want face to urgently become pretty,get this kind of rolling done alternate month-really nice smooth pretty face we get.Especially important for those who want to marry soon or who want go for beauty competition.We must ever thank the dermaroller inventor Dr Des Fernandes,MD,plastic surgeon South Africa who gave us this wonderful tool.With minimum cost maximum benefit’s derived-so the dermaroller has god’s grace-at metaphysical level.

Full skin remodeling takes upto 12months [Des Fernandes] so not to expect quick leveling of scars-hence post operative photo’s best clicked after 1year to see the clear difference. ‘The epidermis demonstrated 40% thickening of stratum spinosum & normal rete ridges at 1 year postoperatively’-Fernandes.

Generally i get criticizm for needling the lips,they say it’s not indicated.Our face begins to wrinkle as age advances.Lip also constitute the face.By rolling face skin,face remains young but if don’t roll the lips,they begin to wrinkle-so we get an abnormal situation-young face with wrinkled lips.To avoid this anamoly,lips also are needled.When lips are needled,they go into healing mode.In healing there’s no wrinkling,so the trick’s to keep the lips in healing mode wherein the wrinkling mode falls into amnesia-means,doesn’t occur,for wrinkling/healing can’t occur together.Other reason for needling lips is,they get tainted/tinted by food as coffee,tea or smoking or curry,food additives.This taint doesn’t go by washing but gets cleared by needling.

Important Note:
These rollings are done under antibiotic cover,else complications arise-as face swelling,spread of infection,prolonged downtime.

Inthe present era of skin needling,it’s not necessary that we grow old with wrinkles on face.Regular bloody needling prevents that,keeps face young,radiant,less oily,smooth,tight,fairer,softer,attractive-these’re not exaggerations.


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