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Tom Clancy's The Division 1.7.1 - Reclaimer Classified Healer Build

Reclaimer Classified Healer Build

Farming GE credit like crazy just to get this build till i run without my usual dude..lol

10,000k Electronics
To unlock the 50% chance to no cooldown for support station

47% Disrupt resistance, valuable for us skill build (Thanks to Hamdi sandman for this recomendation)

A 6% ally heal performance mod gives ya 18,952 ally heal
A 5% station healing speed performance mod gives ya 726HP/s
im running with 2 ally heal and 2 healing speed as support station range is not that great

ally heal is at 353,775
healing speed is at 30,456 HP/s
talented activate will boost both to
410,025 ally heal
35,643HP/s for healing speed

tech support on character sheet will increase the station duration by 10% (very useful for this build when running incursion or legendary or even PVP)

Running on electronic with skillpower on 4 gear mod slot and a electronic with skill haste just to push it to 27% skill haste without the box up, once box is up gives ya 47% skill haste


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